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Do Not Use Face Wipes – Here is Why

Please don’t get defensive as you read this. It’s not personal.

That’s the truth, face wipes are not doing any good to your skin. At first, they might sound like a great idea. Instead of spending valuable minutes on your sink, why don’t you wipe all your troubles away? 

Face wipes might be useful when cleaning food stains off your clothes, but those things should not go anywhere near your face. It only gets worse if you don’t rinse your face after using one of those.

They don’t clean… It’s more of messing up

They are not doing the very thing they were made to do = Clean your face. 

Face wipes are making things worse by plastering all that dirt, makeup, and toxins all over your skin and into your pores. In the process of wiping, your pores get clogged with all these impurities. The end result? Nasty breakouts!

They contain harmful chemicals

In addition to that, face wipes are laced with preservatives to keep the pre-moisturized pads free from micro bacterial contamination. These preservatives are harmful to your skin and can cause skin inflammation. They remove dirt and leave behind chemicals. Your skin becomes itchy and you again end up with nasty breakouts. Not very nice.

They are not gentle on your skin

It doesn’t end there. Face wipes are not gentle on your skin. Their roughness will cause microtears that make your skin red and ruin your complexion.

Spare the environment

If you are not going to have mercy on your skin, then please spare the planet. We are all commissioned to leave the world a better place than we found it. You might not be privileged to lead a revolution, but you can reduce face wipe pollution. 

It’s predicted that the face wipe market will hit the 20 billion in 2021. Millions upon millions of face wipes will be released into the environment. Enough face wipes to cover a whole city!

Not only are poorly disposed face wipes killing cute innocent fish, but they are also clogging our sewer systems. Unclogging these systems is costly and will waste millions of the tax payer’s money. 

An interesting story made the news on September 2017. A huge hard mass of face wipes was found in London’s sewer system. The thing was the size of the Tower Bridge and weighed over 130 pounds!

Is there a safer, more effective alternative?

I’m glad you asked. Yes, there is, double cleansing!

First, use an oil-based cleanser followed up by a water-based cleanser. It’s the only way you can be sure that all the dirt, makeup, and chemicals are removed. 

Let’s be honest

Its not recommend to use face wipes because of the damage they can deal on my skin.

 However, life is not always black and white – there are times when face wipes are only the option, like situaltions when we are traveling or in the hospital. 

If you must use face wipes, then please use biodegradable face wipes for our environment’s sake.

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