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Top Reasons to Use Skincare Devices & Tools

Skincare devices and tools are a very hot beauty trend these days  – so popular that every woman out there has been tempted to get one of these. They are literally everywhere and beauty influencers, as well as celebs, absolutely adore them.

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Many sceptics will assume that they are just “hyped” and are not as good as they appear to be. In reality, not all skincare devices are created equal and certainly not all devices work. You have to make your research, look for high ratings and then decide whether to buy a skincare device or not. Don’t fall for cheap imitations or gimmicks from dubious sellers or you’ll waste your time and money.

Given that you invest in an original and good quality device, here are some top benefits and reasons to use skincare devices.

No.1: Stimulation of collagen and anti-ageing benefits. 

Perhaps the biggest reason to use skincare tools like jade rollers, Foreo devices, skin massagers and ultrasonic skin spatulas is that they are able to naturally increase collagen production. As we know, collagen is naturally produced by our systems when we are young but its production starts to decline as we age. You can go for costly and harsh treatments, but there are far cheaper and more gentle alternatives to boost collagen and fight skin aging -vibrating and ultrasonic skin devices are ways to achieve this.

Very easy way to start incorporating skincare tools to your routine is Foreo Luna – it has all that you need to cleanse your skin with firming  massage.

No.2: Better blood circulation. 

Now you can say goodbye to dry, shallow, and boring- looking skin with devices that stimulate the upper skin cells to deliver more blood and nutrients to your target area. If nothing seems to work and your skin still looks tired and stressed, perhaps you should get one of these devices.

We especially love NuFACE facial devices for this purpose– it really gives your skin a boost in seconds and provided you use them on a regular basis, you will have a more radiant and plump complexion long-term. 

No.3: Replacement of other products. 

Our skincare routines tend to become more and more complex with time with all these hyped products that surge the market. Some folks have gone as far as to do a whopping 30 steps to take care of their skin, using a different product each time. However, if you ask a skincare expert, all these skincare products and regimes are absolutely unnecessary. In fact, it could be  a waste of time and money. If you also don’t want things to go to waste, get a skincare device with a double or multiple function e.g skin cleansing, skin rejuvenation and product penetration.  While these will not replace your ordinary cleanser and moisturizer, they will replace products like exfoliators and masks and treat your skin much better than using a zillion products at the same time.

No.4: More gentle on the skin. 

Many of us are sensitive to certain chemicals which are often found in beauty products like: Alcohol denat, parabens, sulphates, AHA’s  and harsh peeling agents can really aggravate your skin and even cause breakouts. Not everyone’s skin is strong enough to tolerate these chemicals. If you suffer from sensitive skin and your skin doesn’t react well, get a device with a gentle vibrating mode that you can adjust to cleanse and treat your skin with minimal irritation. One of the easiest ways to treat your skin – even sensitive skin – is gua sha. Gua sha can be very gentle when using correct and also give you amazing results.

Skin Gym has plenty of pretty options to choose your favorite gua sha tool. Your skin will definitely thank you. 

You can also read our last blog post about the benefits of gua sha.

The beauty of all these devices, besides the above benefits, is that their effects are instant and long-lasting as well, if you use them on a regular basis. They are like a workout for your skin and so you can expect plenty of benefits after their use. Good quality skincare devices are really worth your investment. 

Do you own any skincare tools or gadgets? What skincare benefits have you noticed by using them? Tell us in the comments down below!


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