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How To Take Care of Your Skin During Quarantine: Best Tips & Tricks

The whole coronavirus situation and forced quarantine that we’ve been practicing recently, has inevitably turned our normal lives upside down and challenged every aspect of our daily routines.  While skincare may not be essential for your survival at this stage, it really helps to boost your mood and make you feel better about yourself. 

Many will assume that their good old skincare routines don’t have to change since they did all their skincare at home anyway, but there are some new variables for minor skin care changes. The sole fact that we stay at home 90% of the time has a definite impact on how our skin looks and reacts. It’s just not the same when we are used to heading outside for work or doing other external tasks.

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If you have lately noticed that your previous skincare routine doesn’t work now that you are self-isolating, here are some tips that will really help your skin adjust and even improve during quarantine.

Three Tips for Quarantine Skin Care:

No.1: Get back to basics. 

While it’s best to avoid making any big changes to your normal skincare routine at this time, it would be wise to relax your skincare routine a bit. There is no need to slather on that heavy winter cream or use a zillion products one after the other to achieve a smooth and glowing complexion. Your skin doesn’t really need that and you should give your skin a chance to breathe and repair itself on its own. Stick to basics like cleansing, moisturising, and weekly exfoliation but don’t go further than that, especially if your skin is extra oily or sensitive. 

No.2: Find ways to boost your blood circulation.

 If you noticed that your skin looks more ashy and shallow lately with all this lack of movement and sun exposure, it means that you should do something to boost your blood circulation to perk it up. Perhaps the easiest way to boost blood circulation to your skin is  to actually work out until you sweat or steam your face for 10 minutes and cleansing it afterward. But if you cannot do the above, get one of these skincare gadgets with a vibrating action e.g an ultrasonic skin spatula or a Foreo Luna device for your skin type. Just a couple of minutes are enough to stimulate your skin and boost blood circulation and delivery of nutrients to your skin. 

No.3: Make sure your hands and feet are properly moisturized. 

Hygiene products and rituals are more common than ever these days and it’s no wonder why– we are constantly being reminded to wash our hands and practice good personal hygiene to avoid catching the virus. The problem with all this hand washing and frequent showers is that they dry out skin up, unless we do something to counteract all this loss of moisture. If you were previously using your hand cream and body lotion once a week or even less frequently, spare a couple of minutes every day to moisturize your hands and feet. If you can offer your hands and feet a little massage while applying your lotions, even better. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to get rid of accumulated dead skin cells, if you like using exfoliating toners: KRAVE Beauty has super popular AHA toner.

Remember to drink plenty of liquids to keep yourself hydrated from inside out.

What is your current quarantine skincare routine? Have you tried any of the above tips already?? Tell us the comments down below 🙂

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