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7 Surprising Everyday Habits that Cause Acne

You might be doing all the good things for your skin: cleaning, toning, moisturising, exfoliating but still not satisfied with your skin.

So what common everyday habits could cause acne? Let’s find out.

Number 1: Too much cleansing

 Yes, you can cleanse too much. Whether you use  too hash products or you cleanse too many times per day. I would not recommend cleaning your skin in the morning other than gentle, natural micellar/ cleansing water. Cleansing products like gels and foams are too hard in the morning and you should use them only in the evening.

It’s enough to wipe your face with cleansing water, use a toner, apply moisturizer and SPF in the morning. Also ingredients like alcohol are very drying to the skin. What happens when you use drying products like alcohol, your skin has to balance the lack of moisture by producing even more oil. So which the alcohol smelling products away.

Number 2: Pillow cases & towels

Imagine, you sleep approx 7-9 hours a night, right? Your face is all these hours with contact with your pillow case. So it’s super important to change your pillow cases often since all the dirt is piling up on your skin.

I recommend changing your pillowcase at least twice every week. Another thing is your towels. How often when you wash your face you just pick up any towels what is hanging on your bathroom and dry your face on it? Or use hand towel? This is a big no no. Collect some towels only for your face and wash them regularly.

Number 3: Stressing out

When you stress out, your body trickers hormone called Cortisol. Too much Cortisol in the body is causing inflammation and since acne is basically an inflammation in the body, you want to avoid stress.

Instead practise some mindfulness: do 10 min meditation in the morning, walk in nature without your phone, cuddle with people you love, call your best friend and attend a yoga class.

Number 4: The diet

Its sad but it’s true. We all know we should eat healthy. Since everything affects everything, your skin suffers if you don’t give it all the nutrients it needs.

Some vitamins like Omega 3, zinc and Vitamin D are essential for healthy skin. Some people are allergic to certain foods without knowing it. The food sensitivities are sneaky since your body slowly gets used with sentiting foods and you don’t even recognize these symptoms. Common food intolerances are dairy, nuts, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, gluten and eggs.

Number 5: Your phone

We touch our phone over 2000 times every day. So imagine all the dirt and bacteria are building up on your phone screen causing skin easily to breakout. Some people even go to the toilet with their phones. Ewww..

So clean your screen with antibacterial product keeping those bacteria and dirt away.

Number 6: Hair products

Have you ever noticed some pimples on your bum or back? Those are caused by your hair products. Most of the shampoos and conditioners on the market do contain harsh chemicals and when you rinse them in the shower, all the chemicals are touching your back. Also if you experience acne around your hairline, it’s probably your hair products.

Switch to more natural products and see if that helps.

Number 7: Touching your face

I have noticed that when I am working on my laptop and thinking about something – I touch my face. By touching your face with dirty hands could cause breakouts. Most people touch their faces without even noticing it. Next you might catch yourself doing that.

Extra bonus tips:

  • Sleeping with makeup or sunscreen on can cause bad acne
  • Also smoking is incredibly bad for you heart and your skin
  • We all know it, but skin doesn’t like alcohol
  • Lastly, wrong skincare products are very common cause of acne and breakouts. It’s better to choose more natural products that your skin needs.

Please let us know in the comments if you have other acne hacks to share!

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